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GIST Safety Measures for Preventing Cyber Attacks: Always Protect Your Personal Computer!


1. There has been a recent internet-based ransomware attack that has seriously disrupted and damaged computer networks across the world. This attack utilized vulnerabilities based on the shared (TCP 445) communications port. This attack can be avoided by installing the latest Windows and Anti-Virus software updates.


In particular, if you do not take the necessary precautions to prevent criminals and hackers in the future from gaining unauthorized access to your computer through another unpredictable cyber attack, this can potentially cause serious damage not only to your computer but to the entire GIST computer network. Therefore, please make sure that you always follow proper GIST procedures and regulation.


3GIST Procedures and Regulations

AInstall the latest Windows and Anti-Virus software program updates

B. Do not use Windows XP or VISTA operating systems

CDo not read suspicious e-mails or click on any links or attachments, just  DELETE

D. Do not use shared folders (including for printers)

EUpgrade to Windows 10

(※ In the event that your negligence causes damage to the computer network, you will be liable).



4For further inquiries, contact the Section of Information Technology (EXT.5000)

             Information Security Officer: Kyu Dae Lee

             Information Security Officer: Yang Soo Park



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