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General Guide to Extension of Status 2018

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Letter of Financial Support & Residence are available at the Section of Student Affairs (Balgeumi Choi, 최발그미)

Certificate of Enrollment and transcript are available from the self-service machine located by the cafe in the library.


Students who are visiting the Gwangju Immigration Office individually, are required to have the Letter of Confirmation, which must be signed by one of the officer at the Section of International Cooperation. 

The form is available at Campus Life -> Application Forms


For those who have to apply F-3 for family, they also have to visit the immigration office by themselves. Group application for F-3 is no longer available. Please note that you will need to have additional Letter of Financial Support & Residence as many as the number of your F-3 applications. For example, if you are applying you, your wife and your kid, you will need to have 3 letters.


Please see the attachment for the required documents to change one's status.



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