• Cultivate outstanding talents in science and technology
  • Promote cooperative research with industry and international collaborations in education and research
  • Contribute to advances in science and technology and improve balanced regional economic development in Korea


Proud creator of future science and technology

  • Innovative convergence research for global issues
    • Global convergence research and convergence between departments to present innovative research model
    • Developing new research field based on interdisciplinary research, spreading the results
  • World-class science and engineering university
    • Globally competitive campus
    • Research?oriented university education achieved through specialization and focus in specific areas
  • Entrepreneurial leadership and robust collaborations with industry and academia
    • Preparing the next generation for the creative economy through entrepreneurial training
    • Providing a catalyst for regional economic growth through strategic industrial partnerships and focused research initiatives
  • President's Management Goals

    Creating intrinsic value at GIST through creative research, convergence of disciplines, and dissemination of new advances

  • Recruit world-class faculty members
  • Cultivate critical thinking in students and researchers
  • Establish the Convergence Institute of Technology
  • Focus on practical research that contributes to the Creative Economy
  • Promote multi-disciplinary convergence research
  • GIST Research Institute
Commercializing Advances
  • Promote student startups
  • Expand entrepreneurialism
  • Provide enhanced support for small and medium-sized enterprises

Detailed Strategic Tasks


Competent Faculty
  • Hire renowned professors
  • Provide outstanding faculty members with the best research environment for intensive research
  • Recruit competent foreign professors
  • Optimize faculty-to-student ratio
Competitive Undergraduate Program
  • Operate curriculum designed to cultivate creative talents of convergence
  • Establish a customized student guidance system
  • Enhance students’ satisfaction
  • Build a global educational environment for undergraduates
  • Improve the student recruitment process
Quality Education at Graduate School
  • Recruit outstanding students
  • Improve the operation of the graduate school
Talented Scientists and Engineers
  • Cultivate science and technology workforce capable of communication and convergence


Organization of Convergence Research Contributing to a Creative Economy
  • Cultivate and support convergence research groups
  • Strategically nurture future-oriented research areas
Optimize Research Organization
  • Accelerate the specialization of research institutes
  • Establish a merit-based personnel management system for researchers
Basic Science Research
  • Cultivate basic science research groups
Indicators of Research Outcomes
  • Set research outcome indicators on par with those of Caltech and manage outstanding research outcomes


Global Campus
  • Establish a comprehensive globalization strategy
  • Build a global network
  • Install and operate UNU-RTP
International Education and Research Network
  • Recruit talented international students
  • Build overseas research networks
Multicultural Support for Global Campus
  • Provide undergraduates with lectures in English
  • Increase the ratio of international students and faculty
Bilingual Administrative Services
  • Improve foreign language services
  • Strengthen administrative services by providing support in both Korean and English

Creative Economy

Lead Technology Commercialization in the Region
  • Serve as the center of science culture dissemination
Foundation for Industry-Academia Cooperation
  • Build a network of cooperation between industries, academia, and research institutes
Transfer of Research Outcomes
  • Conduct R&D for commercialization, technology transfer, and technology commercialization
Discover Young Entrepreneurs to Lead Creative Economy
  • Provide systematic support and consulting for business start-ups

Management Support

Reasonable Institutional Management
  • Reinforce the autonomic operation of undergraduate programs
  • Improve competencies of administrative staff
  • Improve working conditions of administrative staff
  • Increase the quota of regular employees
Sound Financial Structure
  • Increase the ratio of government subsidy-to-labor cost
  • Improve efficiency of capital management
Sophisticated Education & Research Environment
  • Upgrade the management of research outcomes
  • Maximize efficiency in administration management
  • Improve the electronic codes for in-house regulation
  • Expand science and technology information banks
  • Strengthen and support educational infrastructure
Institutional Awareness
  • Systematically manage GIST accomplishments
  • Enhance public awareness of GIST