Global Intern Program


The Global Intern Program is designed to provide knowledge and skills related to science and technology in the areas of
  • School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  link
  • School of Materials Science and Engineering  link
  • School of Mechanical Engineering  link
  • School of Environmental Science and Engineering  link
  • School of Life Sciences  link
  • School of Physics and Chemistry  link
  • Department of Biomedical Science and Engineering  link

For those of you who would like to experience the unique research environment and opportunities available at the GIST, the Global Intern Program (GIP) offers a wonderful opportunity to experience research at GIST by having you join a research lab for eight-weeks during the summer to receive valuable training and mentoring from the lab's professor.

The GIST Global Intern Program is only open to undergraduate students who are currently either juniors or seniors and to master's degree students (students enrolled in a Ph.D. program are not eligible to participate). GIST GIP has received positive reviews from past participants because it offered a truly unique experience to broaden their research horizons.


Here are some of the numerous benefits of the GIST GIP Program:

-          You can intern and conduct research with a lab from eight GIST Graduate Schools

-          You can gain valuable experience presenting your research during a poster session

-          You can expand your perspective with customized GIP special lectures and classes

-          You can learn Korean language and cultures at the intensive Korean Class

-          GIST will reimburse you for half of your round-trip airfare to Korea

-          GIST will provide you with a monthly stipend during your internship

-          You will receive dormitory accommodations during your internship

-          You can make new friends and meet fellow GIP Interns from all over the world