Global Intern Program


Online application deadline
March 17, 2017

Final decision notification
Late April (April 25-28)

    Orientation    June 23, 2018

Global Intern Program Starts!
June 23, 2017 

[Important Notice]


-          GIP is only for undergraduate seniors or for master's degree students

-          When you apply, please choose your two preferred laboratories and upload your research plan. If you do not upload your research plan or choose one or two laboratories, your application will be considered incomplete and will not be processed for consideration.

-          For efficient processing, please provide your street address, phone number, and full name as it appears on your passport.

-          Before applying, please check the GIP eligibility requirements. Failure to meet the eligibility requirements will result in your application not being processed.

-          By applying to the GIP program, you are agreeing to abide by GIST regulations and Korean law. Failure to abide by GIST regulations or Korean law will result in your immediate expulsion from the program at your own expense.