International Collaboration

Globalized Environment

International collaboration is a key aspect of improving the overall quality of scientific research, and the first step is to establishing strong international collaborations is to have an international campus to produce globally-centric students and researchers who thrive on the world stage.


History has shown that important scientific advances have often resulted from the migration of scholars from one culture to another. Cultural isolation tends to cause scientific stagnation whereas cultural interaction tends promote scientific progress. Whether it is the result of cross-pollination of ideas or a simple change in one's perspective, cultural commingling has always benefited science.


For this reason, GIST is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of a globally-enriching campus environment where students, researchers, and scholars can collaborate on exciting new ideas that have the potential to change the world!


To promote a globally-enriching campus environment, GIST is unique among educational research institutions in Korea by having the following characteristics:

  • All science courses are taught in English
  • 10% of all students and faculty at GIST are international
  • Dissertations for degrees must be written in English
  • International cultural activities and experiences
  • International Student Services