About IPA

Greetings from Dean

GIST is a proud creator of future science and technology, as our motto says. We believe that the quality of research done here is on par with that of the global top-tier universities. We have built our current reputation through reaching beyond the borders of Korea and competing on an international scale.

Due to adapting to a new culture and environment, studying abroad can be difficult for students. However, at GIST we give our international students the respect and encouragement they need to face these challenges.

In the QS World University Rankings announced in September 2013, GIST was No. 6 in the world and No. 1 in Asia in the category of citations per faculty. This is considered an important index for evaluating a school’s research performance, with more citations indicating better research quality.

GIST also launched its undergraduate program in March 2010. With the graduation of this inaugural college class, GIST is expected to make an impressive entrance into overall university rankings as well.

All lectures at GIST are conducted in English. Also, about one-tenth of the current student body is composed of international students. We will be there to advise and guide you so that you can successfully complete your tasks.

We look forward to having you join us. You will receive a great education and help GIST continue to grow as a highly competitive international campus.

IPA’s door is always wide open.

Thank you. 


Kim,Yong Chul
Dean of International and Public Affairs (IPA)